《ETO销售工程自动化软件》(Autodesk Inventor ETO SERIES)V2012.WIN32/WIN64[光盘镜像]行业软件


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Autodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order(原Autodesk Intent)ETO销售工程自动化软件能够帮助制造厂商减少定单管理工作量,减少错误,使产品更快的投放市场,这又最终提高了销售量。通过加入公司的机械工程说明书或者设计方案和规则,Inventor Engineer-to-Order可使得销售预先取得设计许可,减少工程设计的重复和可能造成重大损失的误差,同时也消除了制造业的重复生产。

该解决方案可将每个定单的重新设计自动化、BOM生产自动化和备件目录自动化,大大缩短了销售周期和预检时间。Inventor Engineer-to-Order提供了能建立自我品牌可灵活应用的开发平台,使销售与工程团队能够更快,更划算的交付产品。

Engineering-to-Order and Sales Automation Software. As product lines become more configurable, reducing lead times has become a key business imperative for manufacturers offering engineer-to-order products. Autodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order software (formerly Autodesk Intent software) helps manufacturing companies to automate the order and bid process right at the point of sale by providing easy-to-use tools for capturing business and engineering rules. Inventor Engineer-to-Order offers a flexible development platform for creating custom branded applications, enabling sales and engineering teams to provide faster and more cost-effective delivery of products.

Inventor Engineer-to-Order can help companies to:

* Win more business by accelerating design efficiency and improving quoting accuracy
* Improve sales channel efficiency with powerful sales automation tools
* Connect sales and engineering teams by enabling the use of common rules
* Optimize sales and engineering resources

Autodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series features:

* Autodesk Intent technology to author and run rules
* Autodesk Inventor OEM redistributable modules